How to add a permanent route in Sun Solaris (SunOS 5

Add route to solaris 10. I need to add a new route on solaris10 machine. I want that all traffic on the 23 port (telnet) use gateway. How I do ? Thank you in advance. (1 Reply) Discussion started by: arfry. 1 Replies. 4. Solaris. Add route to solaris10. route add problem in solaris 10 zone | Oracle Community Feb 15, 2006 How to add a permanent route in Sun Solaris (SunOS 5 We have a Sun Fire v240 and SunOS v5.9 . We added a new network link to a counterparty server and each time the server reboots we have to manually add - "route add "

The default route on the system in the /etc/defaultrouter is When a packet comes in for, Solaris will process it and send the answer out to the default router. It knows nothing about the default router on the 2nd network. If you place the 2nd router in /etc/defaultrouter, then Solaris just round-robins the IPs.

We can then add a persistent default route: root@solaris:~# route -p add default add net default: gateway add persistent net default: gateway Name Service Configuration Using SMF. The name service configuration is now stored and configured via SMF services instead of via configuration files in /etc. This Solaris 10 : Add Static Routes to Solaris 10

Instead of “route add -net IP netmask MASk gw IP” you should enter “ip route add IP/MASk via IP”. Another command that can be used to replace “route -n” is “ip route show”. To set a default gateway use: “ip route add default via IP”, and finally to delete a route use: “ip route del IP/MASK”. Good luck 🙂

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