SIP Soft Phone is a powerful application for desktop or laptop PCs that communicates via SIP for call control. It delivers the audio to the user through a supported USB audio device connected to your workstation or laptop. It can be used with the CIC client or a basic call control interface.

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Because phones generally have numeric keypads, the phone is responsible for translating what you dial (such as extension 4094) into a SIP URL (such as

The 5610SW is an IP phone. The VPN feature is a function of firmware. If the phone boots and says it has i10aVPN23252 firmware then it has been loaded with VPN firmware. If, on the other hand it boots and says it has i10d01a8016 then it is a regular IP phone and must be connected to the local LAN. You can load either firmware onto the phone.

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Mar 17, 2017 · 6. Set Use VPN to “ON” by pressing the Toggle soft key. 7. Set the VPN Gateway value to your Edge Gateway IP address or fully qualified domain name (FQDN). 8. Press the Back soft key. The phone is now configured for VPN. To configure the time zone on the remote IP400 phone if the phone is in a different time zone than the Edge Gateway . 1. Note that the VPN IP address for both the PC and the phone are in the same subnet as the SIP server. TO TEST: The SIP server supports TFTP in order that phones may "GET" their configuration, so I attempted a manual get of a config file from the SIP server and a ping of the server IP address, both fail. Nov 15, 2019 · Hi We are due to deploy a 3CX shortly where the customer wants an on-premise server with phones in the branch office working over his existing VPN. Any advice please on the best way to deploy the branch phones? If we use the provisioning URL it will try to go to rather Everyone, I am having an issue getting a Avaya 1608IP Phone to connect to my phone server over a VPN Tunnel. Here is the setup. I have to firewalls from the same manufacturer at my corporate headquarters, where the Avaya system is installed, and a remote location.