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Email Verifier at My-Addr Project Bulk email verification Verify email list API for email verification Verify YAHOO email Verify HOTMAIL Greylisting and email verification Prices and discounts Email verification results - GUIDE How to speed up my verification Test file compatibility & get price Top 15 emails service providers List of most The best email service providers available now, for individuals or businesses. Shares (Image credit: Webaroo on Unsplash) JUMP TO: The best email service overall Best email for business At first glance, what these free email providers offer seems to be perfect. With their strong functionality and various security mechanisms such as SSL/TLS encryption, DKIM signature, and authenticator log-ins, the free email services are a popular choice in the private sector. However, free services are not always the right choice. A site to list and compare the offerings of different email services, with privacy and security in mind. On this page, you will find a listing of various email service providers with specific information around security and privacy. Complete list of Email service providers. There are well over 450 email service providers. Each with there own way of doing things, this is one of the reasons why it can be so hard to do a proper selection. We keep a complete and updated list of email marketing platforms. So if you are looking for a good ESP, look no further. One way of