cryptostorm private network. Security. Protect your internet traffic at public WiFi hotspots or from ISP/government surveillance

Weve got a new subforum for rants about other VPN providers. Lets start with something delicious (~@sheivoko). I once posted a thread in the Off-Topic forums about honeypots, copied from the cryptostorm forums. Instead of a discussion about honeypots, it escalated to a discussion about cryptostor May 12, 2016 · Since Cryptostorm’s staff is anonymous, and their website looks like the work of a deranged madman, I’ll let you make your conclusions if this company can be trusted with your security. Some speculate that if Douglas Spink still runs this VPN, it could be a honeypot for the FBI since they likely monitor his activity. cryptostorm forum cryptostorm reborn: voodoo networking, stormtokens, PostVPN exotic netsecurity Silk Road bust - forensics & OpSec analysis To stay ahead of new and evolving threats, cryptostorm has always looked out past standard network security tools. Aug 29, 2018 · A Honeypot Guide: Why Researchers Use Honeypots for Malware Analysis. Posted on August 29th, 2018 by Zach Martin. You may have heard the term “honeypot” thrown about in the security community from time to time. I use cryptostorm and ProtonVPN. Tonight I'm on cryptostorm but I might switch to ProtonVPN tomorrow. I don't know how good cryptostorm is from a logging/honeypot point of view, and I personally don't care that much. I just don't want my ISP logging every damn thing I'm doing (including when I watch a bit of PornHub).

Cryptostorm apparently attacked by intelligence agencies

Mar 31, 2015 How one small American VPN company is trying to stand up Oct 28, 2013 News | Dimitrology

Cryptostorm sits in between good and bad VPNs, earning a rating of “just okay.” It comes from Vancouver, Canada, but has roots in Iceland and is committed to being the safest in its class.

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