I used OpenDNS for a while and was pretty happy. I heard about Quad9 and CloudFlair and wanted to try them. Currently I use PiHole on some of my VLANs and have been happy since I have more control. Personally, I like CloudFlair which I use in PiHole in conjunction with ublockOrigin but …

Aug 20, 2013 Using OpenVPN and OpenDNS with PiHole : pihole But I don't think the router is taking part in this. When I have the VPN off on the pi, all my local clients use OpenDNS, with the pi as their local DNS server. If I turn the VPN on, they use the VPN DNS servers, but still with the pi as their local DNS server. The router isn't my VPN server, I … OpenDNS and Tomato | Tomato Wiki | Fandom This tutorial explains how to configure Tomato to use OpenDNS. Tutorial Go to the Tomato Web GUI (Default: Navigate the menu to Basic - Network At Static DNS first line enter: At Static DNS seconds line enter: Check Use dnscrypt-proxy (but leave DNSSEC disabled!) Set Priority to Strict-Order Press Save to save your new preferences To test if your How to Switch to OpenDNS or Google DNS to Speed Up Web Aug 30, 2017

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Jul 18, 2020 · Steps for using DoH with OpenDNS will depend on your browser and operating system. Mozilla Firefox. Details and instructions are available from Mozilla. Firefox can be configured to use OpenDNS as a custom DNS over HTTPS provider. Go to Options > General > Network Settings and select Enable DNS over HTTPS. Use OpenDNS Parental Controls with your router to make the Internet safer for your household. The Netgear Dashboard now uses the OpenDNS Login page for enhanced security. Click here to learn more. May 06, 2015 · OpenDNS is a public DNS service that can be a replacement for the DNS provided by your ISP. There are several reasons why you want to use OpenDNS instead: Performance: OpenDNS operates on top of 24 global data centers are strategically located at the most well-connected intersections of the Internet. It boasts DNS responses that are faster than