@Calder95 the Sky Q minis wont connect to any wifi network other than the Sky mesh signal from the main Q box. There is a workround by connecting the minis to the BT units by ethernet but if you do that all of your Q boxes should use the same connection anf have their wifi turned off.

Under the Networks you can connect to field, you will see your current Wi-Fi connection. Tap the Share or backup this hotspot button to begin. Enter your password on the following screen, then hit Next. From here, tap the Share with field, then select who you'd like to share this Wi-Fi connection's password with. YouView box wireless connection - BT Community The BT HomeHub won't transmit multicast over wireless but others do. My Asus DSL-AC68U will happily do it & with a suitable wifi extender to serve the Youview box you can happily watch BT … User Guide 1 Plug in your extender near your router 2 - BT 2 Wireless connection to router Connection to your router is very easy if it supports WPS; most recent routers do (e.g. BT Home Hub 3 or 4, or any router that has a WPS button). However, if your router doesn’t support WPS, go to the section ‘Connect to router without WPS’. 1 Press the WPS button on your router.

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Secure auto-login to BT Wi-Fi hotspots | neilalexander.dev Feb 27, 2017 How to connect to the Internet with your Mac – Apple Support Secure Wi-Fi networks are password-protected and have by their names. Click in the menu bar. If Wi-Fi is off, click , then choose Turn Wi-Fi On.* Choose a network. Enter the password, then click Join. If you don't know the password to the Wi-Fi network, contact the network administrator. Sky Q & BT Whole Home Wifi - Sky Community I have a BT disk plugged into my Q router, Q Silver box connected via Ethernet to a BT disk, Wi-Fi switched off on this box, 2 minis connected via the Ethernet ports on 2 BT disks with the Wi-Fi switched off on both of those minis, one mini connected to the Ethernet port of a Sky Q booster with the Wi-Fi switched off on that mini, and one mini