The Ventrilo client has built in support for special hardware devices such as keyboards and headphones that provide non-standard features that you would not normally find on similar products. The following links will direct you to Ventrilo specific help and features for the listed items.

Ventrilo - Download Voice communication over the internet. Choose the version of the client software that matches your platform. Click here to see what's new in the latest release. 外国人玩游戏有没有类似YY这种用户体验的软件, … 2013-11-28 · 国外的用户,熟人或从facebook认识的人,一般用skype,他们的生活环境和文化氛围和国内大不一样,很难形… 外国人玩游戏有没有类似YY这种用户体验的软件,不理解ventrilo这种软件怎么能这 … Ventrilo - Main

Ventrilo – un software para la comunicación de voz a través de Internet. El software le permite crear canales, charlas récord, canales de cifrar y ajustar el volumen de los interlocutores. Ventrilo contiene un chat integrado y función para convertir texto en un mensaje de voz.


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