Aug 06, 2019

Chromebook: Erase Your Browsing History - dummies In the History page, click the Clear Browsing Data button. A window with several options appears. (Optional) Use the Obliterate the Following Items From drop-down menu to select a period of time in your history that you would like to delete. The Beginning of Time is typically the default. How to Clear Autocomplete History in Google Chrome Sep 02, 2019

Feb 14, 2019

Jul 14, 2020

How to Clear Search History in Chrome

Dec 12, 2019 Delete Browsing History Automatically in Chrome, Firefox, IE How to Delete Browsing History in Google Chrome Automatically – Clear Browsing History, Cache and Cookies. Google Chrome does not have a support of cleaning entire web browsing history automatically. However, it allows you to clear all the cookies when you exit Chrome. At, …